About Us

The BayArea Kids Triathlon Series, formerly known as the NorCal Kids Triathlon Series, is a collaboration of race directors, professional triathletes, and amateur triathletes. WE were originally a joint effort between the Silicon Valley Triathlon Club and Threshold Racing. Our passion for the sport is our drive to produce triathlons events for our community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to introduce the sport of triathlon to young people in our community in a safe environment. Distances are short and intended to expose our youngest triathletes to the basic elements of triathlons. We hope to counteract the negative effects of too much television and electronic activity, and encourage young boys and girls, ages 4–15, to lead a healthy lifestyle and to enjoy the benefits of outdoor activities (i.e., swimming, cycling and running).

The BayArea Kids Triathlon Series is designed to give back to the community with each race. They will do this through charities that are important to the founders and the community and that are consistent with our mission.

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